Bidding New Work

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you any future work your company may be considering. We believe our knowledge of the various types of soils and geotechnical difficulties and our 80 years of combined experience (and a 3rd generation grading and engineering contractor) would be a great asset to your next project.

We will keep an eye out for projects there as well; however, we would also like to be a part of your team... thanks for keeping us in mind. And please contact us for our SOQ or references!

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Past Projects

When we first starting working in Las Vegas, we began with the Star Trek ride and a driving range by the airport.  Both are no longer around, but we continue to grow and develop this beautiful town!

We have completed such projects such as a few of the buildings at the World Market Center in Las Vegas as well as the entire Outlet Mall in downtown Las Vegas (and revisions to the Outlet Mall South).  Our favorite was the 200+ acre site now known as the Las Vegas Auto Auction.. because that project was just a great time with a great team!

In between, we have worked all over, building numerous Starbucks, grocery stores, schools, churches and commercial centers.

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Our Goals

As earthwork contractors​, we often start and finish a job.  It is our goal to work closely with our general contractors.  We are a team.

This attitude makes a substantial difference in cost and efficiency.

We try to finish early and under-budget!

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Terra South Corp

We specialize in industrial, commercial, and residential developments in Southern Nevada. Our project sizes range from ½ acre to 250 acre sites.  Our prices are very competitive, but most importantly, we feel our production and on-time record is exceptional. We are licensed, insured, and equipped with the latest global positioning system and laser equipment. We have a great crew and are family owned and operated.

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